The Rose Cottage Opens its Doors

The premier destination for home project evaluation.

”Evaluation begins here. Do not be intimidated. All the information you will need is here for the taking. Help yourself!”

As you begin to contemplate your next project, be assured you will find a plethora of information here about it. We will cover a number of different types of projects, reviewing all the facets of the project, from materials to contractor review techniques to costs and much more.

We will try to get you better informed about the characteristics of the particular project you are looking to undertake, and will point you to sites that will provide you with key information you will need to fully understand what you are getting into and how best to deal with it. The object is to learn all you can regarding materials and skills needed, complexity of the job as it relates to maybe doing it yourself, rough cots, and a good understanding of all the components and issues.

We will add more and more projects in here over time. When yours shows up, you will have all the information you need to move forward with confidence. Keep an eye on the site for additions.

There are a couple other sites we found interesting and worth a read. We are big travel fans and are thinking about posting links to other travel sites in here.